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What kind of tires are on the trailer?

The trailers have the best radial load rated tires available. You shouldn’t have any tire problems if the trailer tires are kept at their recommended air pressure (50 psi) and the load carried is within the weight maximum for the trailer. Our single trailer is load rated to carry 1200 lbs. Our two bike trailer is load rated for 2200 lbs. Spare tires are standard equipment.

Can I rent a trailer for a long trip?

Sure! The great thing about renting a trailer from us is YOU CAN go on long trips and arrive fresh to ride those really fun areas without having to endure miles and miles of boring Interstate riding.

Will your trailers handle my bike/bikes?

Yes as long as the weight does not exceed the trailers limits and is of manufactured standard length. If your bike is longer than stock give us a call to make sure we can accommodate you.

What kind of hitch and light connection do I need?

A 2” ball type hitch and a flat 4-prong light connector The ball hitches height must be between 12” and 16” measured from the top of the ball to the ground.  Higher ground clearance hitches may require a drop hitch.

What is the best way to strap my motorcycle down?

Every motorcycle is different. The idea is to attach the soft loops provided to a “solid” part of the bike. The front forks above a cross member is a good place or to the front of the frame positioned so the loops will not slide down. Same with the rear loops and tie downs. The front straps should be attached as close to a 45 degree angle as possible while pulling the bike down and forward against the wheel chock. Normally compression of forks to roughly 80% of the down travel allowed will be sufficient, all bikes are different this is only a guideline. Compressing the forks completely with the tie down straps can lead to fork damage on some motorcycles. The rear straps are used primarily to keep the bike from moving side to side and need to be tight.

Should I check the straps?

Yes, we suggest you travel no more than a mile or two then pull over and check your straps. You will find that more often than not you have at least one strap which needs to be tightened. Do not run the straps over the top of anything. The straps are not made for contact and can be damaged by this type of use. Not to mention what the rubbing action will do to your bikes finish. We also recommend checking the straps when you stop for gas, meals, etc.

How do I make a reservation?

Call 682-433-1305 to reserve your trailer over the phone or email me at

Can I use a check for the damage deposit and rental charges?

No. We do not accept checks. Cash or money order for all fees and deposits are required when picking up the trailer.

Can I come by and look at the trailers?

Sure! Give us a call at 682-433-1305 and we will be happy to set an appointment.

What are your terms and conditions?

Click here to see rental terms and conditions